CarFest Financial Statement 2017

CarFest is two professionally run festivals. It has two main objectives: to give over 100,000 festival goers a fantastic, enjoyable, safe and memorable experience each year so they keep coming back and to support BBC Children in Need with a donation of all profits made over the two festivals. 

To date CarFest has raised over £10.5 million for BBC Children in Need.

As you can imagine, staging two festivals with over 50,000 festival goers at each event - the size of a large town, is no small undertaking. The festival infrastructure is vast. We pride ourselves in providing the very best family focused experience - music, cars and food and that’s why CarFest is one of the fastest growing festivals in the UK today. 

Marketing, preparing for and staging two massive outdoor events over the summer is a huge undertaking. Whilst we keep costs under close control so that we can return as much as possible to BBC Children in Need we do not compromise on the quality of the experience nor the safety and facilities at the sites. We want to provide the best and safest festival experience in the UK, to do so we hire professionals. 

We’ve had a number of enquiries regarding the costs for the running of CarFest. Please see below the financial summary for 2017, as ever, supervised by us at BBC Children in Need whose accounts are audited by Ernst & Young. We will publish this statement annually. 

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CarFest North, Boleworth Estate, Cheshire. 28th-30th July 2017

CarFest South, Laverstoke Park Farm, Hampshire. 25th-27th August 2017




CarFest Financial Statement



The total contribution of £3.1 million in 2017 represents a net profit of 34.58%, a figure that would be highly respectable for any business and is an extremely healthy return to our virtual shareholders, the children supported by BBC Children in Need. Every single penny of these funds can potentially be life changing for the better. 

Over 6 years a total of £10.5 million has been raised... and here's to 2018! 

Thank you to everyone! 

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