Our Sustainability Policy

Our Sustainability Policy

Our Sustainability Policy for 2019...

Waste Reduction & Recycling

This year at CarFest, we are planning to achieve ‘zero landfill’ with our waste management system. We are implementing this by:

  • Working with our waste management contractors to separate waste, recycling wherever possible by identifying suitable facilities and collection methods.
  • Organic waste collection will take place in collaboration with our traders, whose waste will be taken to anaerobic digestion plants.
  • Working with our traders and exhibitors to encourage the use of compostable take-away food containers, cups and cutlery rather than plastic products.


As well as planning for the implementation of further projects, we will also plan for the decommissioning of the project by:

  • Increasing utilisation of durable materials which will not end up as waste after a single use.
  • Utilising durable hire materials for construction where appropriate.
  • Reusing and repurposing items and materials from the project in an imaginative and creative way wherever possible.
  • Storing and reusing items over multiple events.

Reducing Single-Use Plastics

  • We have imposed a ban on our traders and exhibitors bringing single use plastic containers, coffee cups and cutlery to the events site. We have encouraged the use of compostable items instead.
  • We have imposed a ban on our traders and bar operators to ensure that all plastic bottled drinks should be replaced with cans or tetra packs.
  • Across site, we are providing drinking water points and we are encouraging visitors to bring their own refillable water bottles. CarFest branded refillable bottles will also be for sale at the Pudsey Shop!
  • All main bars will be replacing single-use plastic cups with reusable cups, this will massively reduce our volume of single-use plastic waste.

Reduced Carbon Footprint & Energy Efficiency

  • We hire high efficiency generators and employ specialist engineers to configure and distribute power to where it is needed as efficiently as we can.
  • We use additional demand technologies to synchronise sets to meet demand which varies across the site through the day and night.
  • Although we have to keep some generators on throughout the event, we carefully monitor performance and take as many steps as we can, to limit our usage. As an example, we have converted to LED lighting were appropriate, to reduce fuel consumption and our carbon footprint.

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