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Cars, Cars + More Cars! Car Galleries

Selected car clubs are being invited to bring their best cars and will enter the best of the best into our Concourse Competitions.

Keeping to the Magnificent 7 theme, there will be 7 groups of 7 car marques, each displaying their 7 best cars – that’s 343 of the very best cars we can find...

Ford * Chevrolet * Mitsubishi *  Toyota * Honda * Mercedes-Benz * Lincoln * Subaru *Mazda * Dodge * Lamborghini * McLaren * Chrysler * Austin * Aston Martin * Alfa Romeo * Holden * Fiat * Volks Wagen * Suzuki * Audi * BMW * Bentley * Bugatti * Rolls Royce * GMC * Kia * Hyundai * Smart * Shelby * Plymouth * Skoda * Oldsmobile * Pontiac * Cadillac * Buick * Lexus * Maserati * Porsche * Citroen * Lotus * Renault * Peugeot * Alpina * Ariel * Tesla * Nissan * Marcos

Slowly Sideways

There will also be a display of Feature Rally cars including:
  • Opel Manta 400
  • Lada Group B
  • Ford Escort Cosworth Mk 5
  • Lancia 037
  • RS1800 Ford Escort
  • Ford Focus WRC Colin
  • Pikes Peak Peugeot 405 T16


Live Magazine

The Live magazine pavilion is the place to see columnist and chef James Martin’s private collection of cars, great and small.  This collection will include:

  • Ferrari 275 GTB
  • Ferrari 288 GTO
  • Shelby Mustang 350GT
  • Two 1960s Works Mini Cooper S Rally cars
  • A Peel P50 and Peel Trident – the smallest cars in the world

Classic and Sports Car

Classic & Sports Car magazine are celebrating their 30th birthday & will be putting on a special display of some of the sexiest, most exotic, pioneering and intriguing classic cars of all time. The display includes the Lamborghini Miura - acknowledged as the first true supercar; the spectacular Jaguar XKSS – priced at a cool £3m and one of only 16 ever sold; and the Vauxhall Prince Henry – widely regarded as the world’s first sports car and a true piece of motoring history. There are plenty more gorgeous classics to come; watch this space for more.

Practical Classics

The men with spanners from Practical Classics magazine will be spannering with a deadline in mind!  Will they be able to finish their latest restoration project by 3pm on Sunday? That’s the moment of truth for their unique 1958 Austin Westminster.  You are free to interrupt them with questions on classic cars and how to fix them as well as learn a few new techniques.