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Cars, Cars + More Cars!

Ferrari on the Hill Climb

CarFest Sevens

CarFest continues with its Sevens theme with lots of new and exciting categories and amazing cars to see on our track and Hill Climb.

  • Magnificent 7
  • Hot Rod Seven
  • Anniversary Seven
  • Super Car Seven
  • Vintage Seven
  • Muscle Car Seven
  • Race Car Seven
  • Rock Star Seven
  • Military Seven
  • Unusual Seven
  • Movie Car Seven
  • Dragster Seven
  • Gorgeous Seven
  • F1 Seven
  • Rally Seven

Car Clubs

You will see a vast array of car clubs who will be bringing along some iconic, historic and classic cars from over 40 different clubs. This is the place to get up close and personal to these incredible cars.


That's not all....

New car idea's are flying around CarFest HQ for the kids and the grown ups - there will be new things on offer so keep an eye out here!