Sporting Bears Dream Rides

Sporting Bears Dream Rides

Get Ready For The Ride Of Your Life 

Our friends from the Sporting Bears Motor Club arrive at CarFest every year to help us raise lots of money by offering their unique Dream Rides experience.

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to find yourself in the passenger seat of your dream car, Sporting Bears offer you the chance to experience a thrilling 10 mile ride, as they drive you out on the roads around CarFest.

Sporting Bears select 10 very special cars to offer passengers the opportunity to wave at the CarFest crowds from the track. From the latest in luxury Rolls Royce to the historic power of the Lola T70, you'll be driven on track followed by another 10 miles on the open road.

The Sporting Bears is a car club with a heart – all the club members have pledged to use their wonderful classic, sports and performance cars to support children’s charities. To date at CarFest, Sporting Bears have raised £467,816 for BBC Children in Need with the help of lovely CarFesters who donated generously to experience their own Dream Ride – THANK YOU.

The Sporting Bears are all volunteers who provide their cars, fuel and time for free taking CarFesters out, with every penny going to charity. 

How Do I Book A Ride?  

To book your experience, please click on the car image below that you would like to ride for the relevant booking details.

Rolls Royce Dawn

Make - Rolls Royce

Model - Dawn

Top Speed - 155mph

0-60 - 4.9 seconds

Value  - £264,000 

Ferrari California 

Make - Ferrari

Model - California 30

Top Speed - 194mph

0-60 in - 3.9 seconds

Value - £164, 000

Ford Model T Bucket Hot Rod

Make - Ford

Model - Model T Bucket

Top Speed - Are you brave enough?!

0-60 in - 3.9 seconds

Value - Priceless for the looks

Chevrolet Bel Air Wagon 1957    

Make - Chevrolet

Model - Wagon - Bel Air

Top Speed - Really?

0-60 in - Why rush?

Value - 1950s era style

Volkswagen Microbus 1967

Make - Volkswagen

Model - 21 window Micro Bus Deluxe

Top Speed - Down hill!

0-60 in - Possibly if it’s a big hill?

Value - Priceless to the owner

Ford Boss Mustang

Make - Ford

Model - Mustang BOSS 302 Laguna Seca version

Top Speed - 161 mph (drag limited)

0-60 in - 4.5 seconds

Value - £64,000 

Lola T70

Make - Lola

Model - T70 recreation
Top Speed - 203mph 

0-60 in - 4 seconds

Value - £180,000

GTD 40

Make - GT Developments  

Model - GTD40
Top Speed - 179mph
0-60 in - 5.4secs
Value - Quite alot   

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Make - Alfa Romeo

Model - Giulia Quadrifoglio

Top Speed - 191 mph

0-60 in - 3.8 seconds

Value - £64,000

Aston Martin DB11

Make - Aston Martin

Model - DB11

Top Speed - 200 mph

0-60 in - 3.9 seconds

Value - £154,000 

More Sporting Bears cars coming very soon! 

T's & C's

1. To apply for a Dream Ride with Sporting Bears you must have a valid ticket to the CarFest event.

2. Sporting Bears  Dream Rides cars may be substituted if the vehicle is unable to run at the point of use.

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