Our story

CarFest is a place to have a great time doing great things. Founded by Chris Evans, it’s a super-charged weekend, packed full of happiness, kindness, and honesty. It’s about making more marvellous memories for families.

With great music, a live track and two paddocks showcasing the best cars, delicious food from top celebrity chefs, topped up with endless worlds of magical entertainment … CarFest brings the true spirit of family to life!

 At CarFest, we believe in: 

  • Kindness

  • Honesty 

  • Positivity 

  • Eccentricity

  • Great fun

  • Welcoming 

  • Magic 

... and these values remain at the core of everything we do.

The CarFest 2019 Mission

Our simple vision of the future is to achieve these three things…

  • We want to be about doing more good things, as much as possible

  • We want to make it feel like Carfest every day for our adoring fans.

  • We want to make more great memories for the people that love us

Our commitment to do more good is the reason for CarFest’s existence. Created by Chris Evans seven years ago, the festival is the UK’s largest fundraising festival… having raised over £13.5 million for UK Children’s charities to date. (click here to read more about our Charity Partners)

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