CarFest going green

CarFest going green

CarFest Going Green

CarFest is committed to Sustainability and have over the past few years been making efforts to improve what we do as event organisers to reduce our Carbon Footprint.

Since 2017, we have reduced CarFest’s primary emissions by 27%.

We did this by…

We sent ZERO waste to landfill from CFS

Banning all single use plastic serve-wear

Banning the sale of plastic bottles

Selling canned water not plastic bottles

Installing water stations across the site

Replacing 75% of festoon lightbulbs with LEDs

Collecting almost 5,000kgs of mixed recycling

Introducing compost toilets in Eden

Collecting 60kgs of hazardous waste

Handing out 7,000 to 8,000 bin bags

Introducing reusable cups on bars, replacing 257,817 single use plastic cups


By 2020, CarFest will be Carbon Neutral on our PRIMARY emissions. We will achieve this by:

Reduce primary emissions by 50%

Offset remaining emissions by planting 1000 trees

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